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Thursday, 25 February 2016


Director Joe Swanberg stays in his mumblecore comfort zone with the humorous relationship piece Digging for Fire.
A bored husband & wife go their separate ways over the weekend putting their marriage to the test in overly tempting situations of craziness.
Still working with a micro-production budget, Swanberg inches a little closer to the mainstream with a gaggle of more well-known actors, most of which don't really know how to fit in the genre, with the exception of Sam Rockwell & Judith Light.   The director seems a little too comfortable with this type of storytelling, crossing over themes & ideas he's already visited with his previous films.  Not to say it's a bad film because there's all sorts of interesting story progressions as you're trying to figure exactly what the purpose of the film is.  In short, it's a more mature version of Drinking Buddies with a murder mystery fit in for intrigue.

3 dead man's shoes out of 5

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