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Tuesday, 16 February 2016


As if we didn't already need anymore reasons to call the corporate religion of Scientology of load of bat-shit crazy mumbo jumbo, director Alex Gibney's documentary, Going Clear, offers us even more ammo to fire away with.
At first, it wisely offers us a lengthy history of the religion, giving the viewer insight as to why it might have seemed so appealing in the first place.  However as the church grows, we see greed, shadiness and danger become more deeply involved.  It's odd when many of the people speaking strongly against it sound just as nutty as their foes and some even appear to feeding us a load of bullshit as well.  Only when it all comes down to it, who are you going to believe: the people willing to testify or the ones too scared to even show up to defend themselves?
It's an interesting watch, for the most part, but a bit pointless when one really doesn't need anymore convincing that these folks are as nutty as a fruitcake.

3 celebrity Dwarfs out of 5

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