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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tokyo Girl (2008)

Two hopeful writers (played by Kazuma Sano and Kaho) deeply affect each other's lives, even though one is living in 1912 and the other in 2008.
I'd describe it as a kind of light sci-fi for romantically inclined teens, which sounds absolutely awful, I know, but it does what a story should do in a straightforward, enjoyable way: it has a beginning, middle and end and the protagonists are changed in some manner by taking the journey.
The final fifteen minutes will make a real difference to how you feel about the whole. In some ways it begins to resemble a kind of live action version of a Makoto Shinkai first draft. And as someone who understands that distance can be beneficial in strengthening bonds, it even managed to make me feel oddly sentimental, so I'm giving it a decent score.

3 connecting circles out of 5

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