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Monday, 22 February 2016


Animator/director Tim Miller, the guys who wrote Zombieland and actor Ryan Reynolds bring the foul-mouthed Canadian anti-hero, Deadpool, to life in this spin-off of the X-men comic book movie franchise.
A wisecracking mercenary who is dying from cancer decides to take part in an experimental cure that leaves him horribly scarred, but with amazing healing powers, sending him to go on a violent revenge frenzy.
Constantly breaking the fourth wall for kicks, Deadpool makes full use of it's hard R rating which results in some pretty extreme violence, filthy language and various objects up one's anus.  Reynolds was born for this role and his dedication to it raises the quality of the what could have easily been pure trash.  Instead, the film is a ruthlessly funny comic book flick that teeters on the edge of becoming the film it aims to make fun of.

3½ crime-fighting shit swizzlers out of 5

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