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Monday, 22 February 2016


Director Steven Spielberg and screenwriters The Coen Brothers team-up to tell the story of the Cold War 1960 U-2 incident in the slightly fictionalized espionage drama Bridge of Spies.
It focuses on American lawyer, James Donovan, who's recruited to defend captured Soviet spy Rufus Abel, much to the dismay of his own country.
For the kids looking for Bourne-esque car chases and knife fights this is the wrong spy movie for you.  It's a fairly quiet film that offers no surprising twists or turns but it's told and performed by such masterful cinema veterans it captivates without all the usual flashiness.  Spielberg's precise direction is at some of it's best here, complimented with some mesmerizing lighting & photography, a tastefully dramatic score from Thomas Newman and a brilliantly low-key performance from Mark Rylance as Rufus Abel.
It's not a particularly memorable film, compared to the rest of Spielberg's huge filmography but it's certainly one of his most perfectly executed.

4 big American breakfasts out of 5

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