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Friday, 4 December 2015


Director Noah Baumbach continues his humorous exploration of the pros & cons of age differences in the irresistibly enduring character piece Mistress America.
Two young women, one 30 the other 20, who are about to become step-sisters, meet up for the first time in Times Square and find they have as much in common as they don't.
Being co-written by Greta Gerwig makes sure Baumbach doesn't get as cynical as he usually is and makes for a more well-rounded realism that is both funny, smart, observant and confident in it's vulnerabilities.  It manages to keep a smirk on your face for the the first two acts but once it hits the third act it becomes a riot, almost like a rapid-fire stageplay of Fawlty Towers proportions.
The characters all have their flaws, as does the film but that's one of it's strongest points is amidst all it's problems, issues and annoyances, a friend is something you can't help but cherish.

4 stolen cats out of 5

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