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Sunday, 20 December 2015

SINT [2010]

Dutch director Dick Maas brings the bloody Christmas cheer with mixed results in his comedic horror film Sint.
It's December 5th in the Netherlands, so that means Sinterklaas & his pack of Black Petes are coming to town, only this year they're in the form of angry dead folk with a tendency to sever and impale children's heads.
Maas seems to channel his love for Halloween and The Fog but does so with only half the talent of John Carpenter.  There's some wonderful funny moments (and a few effectively creepy ones) but they're packed in such a poorly timed mess it's incredibly jarring on the pacing.  There's a lot wrong with it but there's also some excellent sequences that make it worth the 80 minutes it takes out of your time.

3 rooftop chases out of 5

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