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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

KRAMPUS [2015]

All the most delightful Christmas films combine cynicism with sentimental values, like Gremlins, Bad Santa, Edward Scissorhands and now director Michael Dougherty's hilariously twisted ho-ho-horror film Krampus.
Young Max & his family have been naughty and it's up to Krampus, a German folk-lore demon who polarizes Jolly ol' Saint Nick, to teach them a bloody, bloody lesson.
Dougherty feeds us the usual grumpy family stereotypes, then flips them on their head while adding a disturbing unpredictability to the gutted victim's list.  There's some phenomenally executed practical FX that makes it an absolute joy for anyone that loves their jack-in-the-box toys with a little extra bite.  It's not particularly scary but it packs enough imagination, off-the-wall sick humor and anti-holiday cheer to make it an annual must while roasting Uncle Chester's nuts over an open fire.

3½ creatures stirring out of 5

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