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Friday, 11 December 2015

Crooklyn (1994)

An emotionally powerful and very funny drama about a family of seven (mom, dad, five kids) living in Brooklyn during the 1970s. The primary perspective is that of nine-year-old Troy (Zelda Harris). Like most siblings, she fights with her brothers and tries to understand the concerns of her parents. Her presence in scenes that would be commonplace in many street dramas adds weight and an unspoken commentary to the already layered and textured narrative.
Spike’s trademark camera-glides on the street are present and as fantastic as always. The acting, timing, editing and music are all superb, except for one lengthy section that takes place outside of Brooklyn. It’s like it is for a reason, but it weakens the film when in theory it should strengthen it.
It’s a collection of little moments that together make a whole, in the same way that many little choices add up to life-changing events.

4 home lights out of 5

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