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Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I feel sorry for anyone that thought director David Hackl's action/thriller, Into The Grizzly Maze, might actually be a good film.
After numerous warnings of a vicious bear, a group of silly people go hiking through the Alaskan woods to find a missing friend...bloody carnage ensues.
Originally the film was rated PG-13, and in a rare move these days, several re-shoots were done to give it a heavy R-rating, probably to ensure a gore-searching audience because otherwise no one would have seen this travesty.  Fortunately the film does deliver on some vicious kill scenes and squirm-inducing close-ups on gushing wounds, as well as some particularly undeserving good performances with some unintentionally laughable lines about "clever bears" and  "bears getting lost in the woods".
I went in expecting something really horrible and was actually kind of entertained in a mind-numbing C-movie way that still made for a somewhat grizzly experience.

2 smart horses out of 5

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