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Friday, 4 December 2015


TV writer Robert Cohen travels across his homeland in order to find out what it actually means to be a Canadian, which up until now seemed to be a pretty much a mish-mash of everything and nothing, in this humorous documentary, Being Canadian.
Starting his journey from the East coast and ending up on the West coast, Cohen interviews a gaggle of Canadian celebrities (and curiously, Ben Stiller) to see what their thought on the matter is.  As it turns out, all our exports are funnier than hell and don't really have a straight answer either.  Besides being the politest folks who drop f-bombs left, right & center, drink beer by the gallons and are fully aware they're an odd hybrid of Pip-pips & Americans, nothing is really answered here.  Instead it's merely a light, funny good time that is serves a crash course in Canadian history, geography and bad '80's TV I'd rather forget ever existed.

3 beachcombers out of 5

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