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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Gambit (2012)

A straight-to-DVD remake of a 1966 Ronald Neame film of the same name.
It stars Colin Firth as a pained art curator who plans to fleece a rich and bastardly Alan Rickman of a very large sum of money. He can't do it alone, however, so enlists the help of a Texan chicken-plucker named PJ Puznowski (Cameron Diaz), who makes an already average film even worse.
The big draw for a lot of people will be that its final screenplay was penned by the Coen brothers; and while a sizeable portion of it has their wit it lacks the timing and finesse that they themselves usually bring to a production.
Firth is the obvious comedy highlight, but a special mention for the two Savoy Hotel desk clerks is definitely in order.

2½ unforeseen wrinkles out of 5

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