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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

13TH [2016]

13th is director Ava DuVernay's look into the U.S. prison system and how it is still very much relevant to the country's long history of racial inequality.
It's an articulately crafted documentary, using lawyers, academics and legislators to explain the history of American racism, the Civil Rights Movement and what each president, starting with Nixon leading right up to Trump, has done wrong to stop this problem (Obama excluded).  It's an interesting and angering watch but seems to forget to speak to that actual prisoners and victims themselves.  Yes, many are uneducated, quite often violent and unreasonable but there's many reason behind that and it needs to shown.  They're human beings that need their stories told through their own mouths and not from behind nice office desks and studio meeting rooms.  It's a well-meaning quality documentary that's sure to start some good conversations but's it's afraid to go those involved first-hand.

3½ disturbing reflections of yesterday out of 5

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