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Friday, 10 February 2017


Originally produced in 2014, director Sophie Robinson & Lotje Sodderland's documentary My Beautiful Broken Brain finally got proper distribution in 2016 thanks to Netflix & executive producer David Lynch.
It documents Sodderland's uphill battle with her own brain, after she suffers a hemorrhagic stroke that makes it next to impossible to speak, read or write, while also suffering from hallucinogenic moments of nightmarish confusion.
Told mostly through Sodderland's cellphone camera, the film is deeply personal as the subject herself is instantly relatable even if she doesn't know her ownself in several moments.  Visually the film is quite captivating, as it alters the imagery quite often to reflect the hallucinations Sodderland experienced.  It manages to balance the moving human story with the medical explanations of what's going on to create an emotional journey is both fascinating and heart-breaking.

3½ frightening moments in the Red Room out of 5

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