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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Fame (1980)

When it comes to musicals Alan Parker can generally be relied upon to deliver an interesting film; from a certain perspective Fame could be described as such, but it's not engaging and quite often even qualifies as downright boring.
It follows a group of hopefuls at the NY High School of Performing Arts from audition to senior year. As tensions and creativity spill out of the classroom into the halls the drama becomes real for some of the youths, but it never did for me. I rarely got the feeling that the set-pieces chosen were in any way more special than any others might have been; what was left on the cutting room floor must have been pretty dismal viewing.
The standout characters (but not necessarily standout actors) are Leroy Johnson, Doris Finsecker and Coco Hernandez (Gene Anthony Ray, Maureen Teefy, and Irene Cara, respectively), but, personally, the English teacher, Mrs. Sherwood (Anne Meara), intrigued me more than any of the students.

2½ sweaty leotards out of 5

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