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Saturday, 4 February 2017


Director Stephen Frears remains in his comfort zone with period piece drama Florence Foster Jenkins.
Meryl Streep does a superb job as the real life 1940's socialite, who has so much money, the people around her helped her become a much-talked about opera singer, despite her not being aware of how horrid her voice was.
I rolled my eyes at first, seeing Frears, Streep and composer Alexandre Desplat involved, thinking 'oh boy, here comes another Oscar bait film'.  And it is, but Frears usually does such a fine job at it, it's easy to forgive.  Streep is in the spotlight here, both tragic and funny but The Big Bang Theory's Simon Helberg astonished me with his quirky but realistic role as her confused pianist.  It's light entertainment that really does nothing to offend the intelligence.

3 "good" reviews out of 5

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