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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Director Nicolas Pesce's directorial debut The Eyes of My Mother isn't necessarily a horror film but it's certainly one of the most horrific of 2016.
Filmed in a cold black & white, it follows a young woman, who suffered a tragic loss in her early years that haunted her well into adulthood which leads the viewer down some disturbing passageways.
I went completely blind into this film and it was for all the better as it even seemed like the lead character, played by the oddly terrifying and alluring Kika Magalhaes, wanted you to view the film in such a state (you'll see what I mean).  It interestingly never shows too much violence or graphic content on screen and instead allows your imagination to run wild making it all the more grotesque.  Which is funny, considering the amount of complaints the film has received for being overly graphic.  It's a beautifully crafted immensely upsetting nightmare that shouldn't go unnoticed by fans of the weird and bizarre.

4 lenses out of 5

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