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Monday, 16 January 2017

MOANA [2016]

Inspired by a collection of Polynesian legends, Disney's Moana is another strong addition to the studios ever-growing library of animated films.
After her tribe is threatened by an ancient curse the soon-to-be chief sets out to sea to find a legendary demigod that can help her set things right.
With it's lively voice-acting and beautiful animation Moana is easy to enjoy even when it does a drag a bit here and there.  Flight of the Conchord fans will love Jemaine Clement's sequence, however it's Dwayne Johnson's demigod character that chews up each scene he's in.  I was afraid The Rock couldn't do voice-acting or musicals but he miraculously pulls it off with flying colors.  To add to all the fun is the rousing music from composer Mark Mancina, Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda and New Zealand's oceanic music act Te Vaka.  Anchored by some well-doing themes and messages Moana is Disney's second big animated winner of 2016.

4 stowaway roosters out of 5

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