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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Pip-pip funnyman Ricky Gervais returns to his David Brent character, made popular by the 2001 BBC series The Office, in Life on the Road.
Continuing the mockumentary storytelling of the TV series fifteen years later, here we follow prodigal deadbest Brent, who now fancies himself a rock star, touring the city in his big ol' tour bus and from hotel room to hotel room.  I repeat: "touring" the city.
Brent is just as cluelessly offensive and grotesque as he's ever been, which still makes for some hilarious scenes that are so awkward it's difficult to watch even as a viewer.  Gervais still manages to find sentimentality in the most offensive of areas but that's what he's best at and often reminds us how clueless we carry our own selves.  It's a forgettable Sunday afternoon time-killer at worst and a quiet but welcome return to the Brent character at best.

3 forgone conclusions out of 5

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