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Monday, 9 January 2017

Patrick Still Lives (1980)

Patrick Still Lives is an in-name-only, unofficial sequel to the Australian film Patrick (1978). In terms of B-movie quality, it's somewhere between Italian rip-offs Zombi 2 and Hell of the Living Dead. The premise is severely rushed and absolutely ludicrous as Patrick lies in a coma within seconds, subject of a vengeful experiment by his father. The remaining characters are coerced to vacation at the father's villa, all led there like sheep to slaughter. From this point on there's very little plot as Patrick enacts gory and humiliating revenge with the use of his telekinetic powers. The death scenes are well produced with practical SFX and clever use of editing. The real highlight of the film is the amount of beautiful naked bodies. At a certain point I began to suspect the film was set on a nudist colony. Make no bones about it, PSL is an exploitation title tailor made for fans of Eurotrash sleaze and it excels in this category. 

2 human kebabs out of 5

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