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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978)

aka Slave of the Cannibal God

Sergio Martino delves deep into the jungle and takes a crack at the once burgeoning cannibal genre. On the search for her lost husband, the beautiful Ursula Andress enlists the help of a seasoned guide (Stacy Keach). Her allure seems to mesmerize not only the primitive natives but nearly every man in the film. It's not as repulsive as later entries like Cannibal Holocaust (1980) and Cannibal Ferox (1981), but it still manages to disgust with scenes of savagery and human peril. While the moments of wildlife in combat peppered throughout fail to progress the story, they add a touch of realism to the exotic setting. Martino never truly delivers on the explicitness promised in the title, yet nevertheless manages to produce a harrowing adventure film.

3 pig lovers out of 5

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