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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Mark Edlitz's low budget documentary, Jedi Junkies takes a bizarre look at the mental illness that is Star Wars obsession.
It explores some more interesting folks who use their own creativity to soothe their fandom, while others have no thinking brain of their own and are just plain crazy, making it occasionally disturbing and sad.  It interviews celebrities, fans, Slave Princess Leia cosplayers galore and for a deeper insight to these psychiatric disorders: professional therapists.
It's not particularly mesmerizing to see all these people talk nor is it much in the way of entertainment (with the exception of those guys behind the Chad Vader web series).  In the end, it feels like a poor man's version of Trekkies, which in itself is a circus sideshow.

2 Sith Lords In A Supermarket out of 5

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