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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Daimajin Gyakushu (1966)

aka The Return of Majin / Majin's Counterattack / The Revenge of Majin / Majin Strikes Again

From a village that’s quick to announce they’re cursed when bad luck befalls them, a small group of boys set out on a perilous journey to do what the adults won’t. The task requires that they pass over the Majin Mountain, a forbidden place where an angry god resides.
All three Daimajin films, of which this is the last, were made in the same year but each is unique in content and even more so in style. Gyakushu was directed by the usually reliable Kazuo Mori, who delivers more of a children’s movie than anything else. It's a film featuring little people hill walking, eating and hiding from the enemy... hmmm, that sounds familiar.

2½ rice balls out of 5

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