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Saturday, 9 August 2014


Birth Of The Living Dead is Rob Kuhn's documentary about George A. Romero's cult classic zombie film and how it had/has more impact on culture than you might actually be aware of.
It explores the social issues, cultural impact and making of the film on a micro-budget through interviews with cast & crew and many big names in the film/TV zombie genre today.  To add to that we see Romero's surprising roots, including a stint with the notorious squeaky clean Mister Rogers.  The effects the time period had on the film was key in how it became so much more than what Romero had ever envisioned.  The director simply set out to have fun making a horror film and it "accidentally" became a comment on racism, anti-war and a protest against authority.
Hardcore fans will find nothing new here but it's so well-told that the uninitiated will discover things about a film they only thought was a zom-B-movie.

3½ possibly intentional errors on the copyrighted name of this documentary out of 5

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