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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Daimajin (1966)

aka Majin / Majin, the Monster of Terror / Majin, the Hideous Idol

The Daimajin series is a kaijū trilogy from the studio that gave us the original Gamera franchise. but this first entry is an altogether more sophisticated breed of film. It’s foremost a quality jidaigeki about clans, control and a merciless militaristic coup. It’s male dominated but the few women that do feature wield the kind of power that matters.
The creature is more like a crushing force of nature or an angry god’s retribution personified, punishing the evils of mankind. It takes a long time for it to appear. but in all probability you won’t miss it because the drama that occupies the remainder of the running time is excellent and holds its own. It keeps colours very natural but still manages to look beautiful.

4 stone fingers out of 5

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