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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Savage Streets (1984)

In the same way that ‘unique’ doesn't always mean that something is useful, the word ‘cult’ doesn't always guarantee an enjoyable film. Danny Steinmann's Streets has cult stamped all over it. It’s a Death Wish (1974) rip-off that puts the bloody revenge in the hands of a woman.
Linda Blair will please Linda Blair fans but there’s very little to recommend outside of that. The one-liners are bad, the cat-fights are weak by exploitation standards, the aesthetic is so 80s that it’s painful to look upon and the acting is atrocious the majority of the time, but it’s somehow entertaining if you’re in the right frame of mind. Logic be damned.

1½ salami traps out of 5


cuckoo77 said...

XD This has Lye or budarc written all over it.

Neg said...

I was ready to say "no wonder Doc liked it, regardless," but then I realized it was Linda Blair and not Lynda Carter~

cuckoo77 said...

:doc: :doc: :doc:

You probably noticed he never mentioned his "young lad Doc boner".