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Thursday, 3 July 2014


Director Gareth Evans returns to the excessively violent Indonesian martial arts world of The Raid for a vastly superior sequel.
Evans originally intended this film to be the first but found he didn't have the budget so instead made Redemption for very cheap to raise money for Berandal.  After viewing this sequel, the original feels tagged on and pointless with it's very basic set-up that could be explained in a matter of 2 minutes.  This time around there's character development, a story that's filled with twists 'n turns and a beginning, middle & end.  No worries fans of the original because there's still plenty of bone crunching, throat slicing and blood gushing martial arts action, only now with a story the fights have more of a dramatic impact.  The camera-work is absolutely wonderful and occasionally makes me wonder how they did it, with some near impossible shots being that are both dizzying and beautiful.  It's perfectly paced, well-planned out and bloody, bloody good fun.

3½ burly backseat bumpin' out of 5

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