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Friday, 25 July 2014

The Hitcher (1986)

A night-time storm, a lengthy desert road and an unknown hitchhiker are a recipe for disaster for Jim Halsey, who makes the worst decision of his life when he stops to pick up John Ryder.
It works on a number of levels but some of them are easy to overlook. If you do that then it becomes just another mid-80s violent chase movie.
The vast emptiness of the desert adds to the isolation and feelings of helplessness. It wouldn't work so well in any other environment.
The Hitcher’s creepy ability to be seemingly everywhere oversteps believability, but Rutger's sinister intensity as pursuant and mirror to Jim’s better nature keep things entertaining throughout. It goes without saying that the film will make you think twice about stopping to pick up someone on your next journey to wherever the hell it is you journey to alone.

3 road-kills out of 5

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