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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Death Note (2006)

The Death Note is a book that causes the death of anyone whose name is written on its pages. Any fool can use it, but it takes a sharp mind to fully exploit its uses; that mind belongs to a College student, Light Yagami.
The film isn't as good as the manga or anime that preceded it, but for a TV production it does okay. The shorter running time means it lacks the depth or complexity inherent in the source, but the biggest problem is with the Shinigami (Death God). Ryuk could've been amazing, but he's rendered in a cartoonish CGI that doesn't fit with the realistic aesthetic of the rest of the film. The argument that he's supposed to appear otherworldly won’t change my mind about that. He deserved better.
It's the first half of the story only, with a cliffhanger ending, so it's advisable to already be in possession of Death Note 2 before you begin watching.

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