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Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Stephen King Collection

Most of the Stephen King fans that I know personally are willing to acknowledge that when it comes to Films and TV Series adapted from the author's books and short stories, the ratio of crap to outright classic favours the crap. That's not King's fault, of course, and it certainly hasn't hindered sales of his books. It might even have helped them, initiating the "Man, that was garbage; I wonder is the book any better?" train of thought that sometimes ends with an actual book purchase. (Surely that's not just me?)
I'd love someday to have every adaptation represented on these pages, but I don't think it'll ever happen. Regardless, I'm compelled to gather what we have into one post - for my own personal use, if nothing else.

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TV Series on Nut Box:
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Books and comics on Nut Ink:
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