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Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Godfather: Part III (1990)

I find it's best to view Part III similar to how Dir. Coppola reportedly does, as an epilogue to the Godfather's story as told in Parts I (1972) and II (1974).
A mournful tone segues into the familiar large family gathering, a setting wherein the current Don is lavished with honours and respect. His move into more legitimate business affairs gives the film a different kind of edge, but it's one that's dulled by a screenplay that feels stretched thin. In addition, the appointed successor to the Corleone name is never fully able to step out of the shadow of the characters/actors that came before. Even when considered as a counterpoint, it's not as satisfying as it could've been.
Pacino and Shire are great (and for the record I don't think Sofia deserved the criticism she received), but the highlight is the superb finale, staged at an opera it is itself a beautifully orchestrated piece of pure drama.

3 accounts settled out of 5

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