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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Heroic Duo (2003)

An upstanding HK police officer commits a crime against his own station, but he doesn't know why. Tough cop Ken Li (Ekin Cheng) is on the case, but he needs help, so enlists hypnotist and convicted criminal Jack Lai (Leon Lai).
There's a recurring theme of weaknesses being either overcome in time of need or preyed upon by a stronger willed individual; and because everyone in the film has a secret that they're guarding, they're all vulnerable to attack.
It has some neat ideas that are forced to share space with obligatory action scenes, but overall the film is too scattershot for my liking. An attentive rewrite that brought strengths to the fore and evened out everything else could've made a huge difference to the final product.

2½ unlocks out of 5


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