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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Fukuchan of FukuFuku Flats (2014)

It's named for Fukuda (Miyuki Oshima) but the story has a slightly wider focus. By day Fukuda paints concrete buildings, by night it's homemade kites. He also acts as occasional mediator between the other oddball characters that reside in the titular flats. Elsewhere, a woman (Asami Mizukawa) unable to decide if she's a photographer or not is having difficulty keeping her life on track. Both individuals are coping with the distant past in their own unique way.
FoFF is an unassuming gem of a film with a quirky wit that engenders heart-warming feelings even in its quietest moments. In addition, throughout are deadpan comedy scenes that are as touching as they are belly-busting.
The sincerity of its protagonist is its greatest strength, proof that simplicity done well can easily accommodate the true heart of storytelling.

4 lenses of truth out of 5

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