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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Idaho Transfer (1973)

Because it's my favourite genre I've watched hundreds of sci-fi films in my lifetime, from Méliès to modern trash, but never one quite like Idaho Transfer before, which makes it even more special for me than it'd be normally.
It's an arty, minimalist production directed by Peter Fonda that's both peaceful and oddly unsettling. Even though they're different genres, it's reminiscent of Easy Rider (1969) at times in its editing and in how it presents an important worldview in an understated but engaging manner.
The plot involves an unnamed future cataclysm that destroys life on earth; all life or just some of it, we don't know. A chosen group of under-twenties travel fifty-six years into their own future to avoid the end. Free of government and societal pressures they have an opportunity to start civilisation over again.

4 distance skips out 5

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