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Friday, 7 April 2017

Fine, Totally Fine (2008)

I've probably said this at least once before over the years, but it deserves repeating: many regular, everyday people are amazing, and all it takes to realise it is to observe in the correct way. Dir. Yôsuke Fujita does that beautifully in his début feature, with comedy timing that's almost flawless.
There are about half a dozen characters of interest, but the three primary ones are a shy female artist who secretly paints the crazy homeless lady that lives near a bridge, a manual labourer who's obsessed with all things horror and likes to scare people, and a hospital clerk who just wants to be loved. They cross paths eventually, coming together in a book store that's owned by the father of the labourer, and who may be suffering from depression.

4 fish sausages out of 5

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