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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

Blood can sniff out a woman in a crowd. It's perhaps not as amazing as it sounds when you consider that Blood's a dog. But what is amazing is that he's telepathic and can communicate with Vic, a human. Their relationship is mutually beneficial, but they're also genuine friends; everyone needs a friend in a post World War IV landscape (it's 2024).
I loved the set-up and the well-defined qualities of the protagonists, even to the point that I forgot it was Don Johnson that I was watching, but the film undergoes a significant change in style after the halfway mark and—even though it's an interesting change in itself—for some reason my connection to the characters fell away, leaving me weary of the whole affair, wanting it to go back to how it was. Perhaps on a different day I'd have felt differently. Nevertheless, I'd still recommend it to fans of low budget post-apoc fiction.

3 wasteland rovers out of 5

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