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Friday, 3 June 2016

Unholy Women (2006)

A trio of unconnected horror shorts from Keita Amemiya, Takuji Suzuki, and Keisuke Toyoshima, respectively, each one approx 30 mins in length.
01. Rattle Rattle's experimental nature is its greatest strength, but until that side of it becomes apparent it seems like little more than another generic J-Horror that leads with atmosphere but has a ghost that's more comical than grisly (was that part satire?). The ending is where it all comes together.
02. Hagane isn't strictly 'horror' but is by far the best of the three. Its bat-shit weirdness and hilarious nature are raised ever-higher by a wonderful sense of timing and some perfect editing. I'm not going to say what it's about, but I urge anyone into Japanese weirdness to check it out asap. It's worth buying the disc just for it, even if you never finish the other two.
03. The Inheritance is a slow-burn involving a mother and her son and an ancestral home. The woman deals with her problems in a less than adult manner, leaving her son feeling disappointed. The strained emotional climate is fertile ground for an old threat to make its presence felt once again.

3 bags full out of 5

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