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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Ogre (1988)

aka Demons 3 / Demons III: The Ogre / House of the Ogre

While holidaying at an Italian villa with her husband and son, horror author Cheryl (Virginia Bryant) begins to relive nightmares about things that plagued her as a child, twenty-five years ago. Even though frightened out her of wits, her writer's mind won't rest until the terrors can be explored.
The villa is a visually beguiling setting that could accommodate any number of stories, and the suspenseful, atmospheric moments within and beneath it are classy (helped immensely by some fine Simon Boswell music), but the filler time between each set-piece is bland, bordering on vacuous.
When it comes to the finale, the Ogre is about as convincing as the relationship of the married couple. If a few of the secondary characters had had their story expanded then things might have been more interesting.

2½ intoxicating orchids out of 5

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