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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Curtains (1983)

I would see the poster for Curtains often in my local VHS Rental store back in the day. I assumed it was some kind of killer-doll flick. I was wrong, it's nothing like that. Instead, it begins as an almost sophisticated thriller that quickly descends into something that's equal parts competent slasher and cheap horror in which things aren't always what they seem.
It involves six actresses invited to a remote location in order to audition for the same role. They all want the part; although some are more determined to land it than others and might even kill for it, literally.
Besides a few excellent scenes (the ice-skating sequence in particular is a definite highlight), the film isn't very good. But the women all give great performances, with the most memorable for me being Samantha Eggar, looking like she just walked off the set of a Katharine Hepburn biopic.

2½ fledglings out of 5

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