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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Koyla (1997)

SRK plays a mute slave that doubles as a kind of loyal pet to a powerful, jealous and oft-times cruel King, not unlike the kind of antagonist ruler you find in fairy-tales. There are a few other fantastical elements that bring that same storytelling device to mind, but a number of other genres taking turns fighting it for dominance means it never takes a complete hold. Watching Koyla is like watching half a dozen different films all at once.
When it turns into an action movie there's some very nifty helicopter work, and a ton of First Blood (1982) moments that were ludicrous but just what I needed to take my mind off real life. It's a prime example of the magical coin that has 'ridiculous' on one side and 'amazing' on the other and when flipped lands on its edge every time. The coin buys escapism.

3½ burning coals out of 5

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