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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Evolver (1995)

Nothing dates a movie quite like the real-world technology featured in it, especially when the story revolves around such things. Thankfully, Evolver also has some sci-fi tech to play around with. The titular robot is a kind of game device that learns from its environment and from studying its opponent. The more Evolver is defeated, the deadlier it becomes. Furthermore, it really hates to lose, which is bad news for tech-savvy high-schooler Kyle.
It's not a terrible film, but will only really appeal to fans of the 'man-made machines on a murderous rampage' genre, such as I.
Things I learned from viewing: a) Cheating works; b) Don't let your prize killer-robot watch news broadcasts on TV.

2 let's plays out of 5

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