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Friday, 13 May 2016

The Ghost (2010)

The 'ghost' of the title is of the writer variety, semi-reluctantly penning the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister at a time that coincides with a political and personal upheaval for the very public figure.
Polanski is a master of his craft and I feel that all the actors gave great performances with varying levels of subtlety, together achieving a believable kind of 'filmic harmony', but overall I just wasn't gripped by any of it. It's now a part of the 'watch once and pass onto someone else' stack of discs.
Strangely, what I'll remember most is the view through the PM's study window; the blustery beach environment with sporadic tufts of grass atop sandy dunes was in some way a kind of unspoken commentary on the life he was living.

2½ cures for insomnia out of 5


cuckoo said...

It's called "The Ghost Writer" over here.
Makes more sense too.

I love the music in this film.

3 violent peace protesters out of 5

Dr Faustus said...

That is peculiar. But I'd rather films keep the same name as the novel they're based on, which is simply 'The Ghost' in this case. It'd be in the give-away stack, either way. :p