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Thursday, 10 March 2016

WELP [2014]


Belgian director Jonas Govaerts creeps onto the scene with Welp, a campfire horror film that lovingly follows the 80's slasher textbook to a tee.  
It follows a young misfit, who for some reason goes camping with his cub-scout pack to find something in the woods is hunting them with bad intent.
Govaerts delicately builds up a nice set-up with a vague amount of depth but once the ball starts rolling he sloppily pushes it all aside for gory carnage.  I know not a lot of dimension is expected from a film like this but why introduce so much of it when you're just going to toss it away without a care.  Nevertheless, it's a pretty tasty little ride that didn't feel like a complete waste of time.

3 tree-houses out of 5

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