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Sunday, 20 March 2016


Director Jake Schreier, albeit some minor changes, does a pretty faithful job at adapting John Green's coming-of-age novel Paper Towns for the screen.
After a night out of mischief & mayhem, the girl next door runaways, leaving clues to her whereabouts, sending Q & his buddies searching for her during the last days of high school.
Like he did with Robot & Frank, Schreier proves he can juggle humor, warmth, likable characters and just a touch of lingering melancholy & cynicism all to great effect.  There's plenty of 'that would never happen' moments with a heavy helping of clichéd teen film bits but with a cast of actors this charismatic it makes it easier to digest.  It's a pretty safe indie-music filled film the leaves a smile on one's face even if Sea World is no where to be seen.

3½ Black Santas out of 5

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