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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

THEEB [2014]

Hailing from Jordan, director director Naji Abu Nowar basically crafts together a sun-bathed Middle Eastern western film with Theeb.
A young boy must survive the deadly Wadi Rum desert on his own, after the World War I British officer he was traveling with is killed by a band of raiders.
It's a really simple intimate story that takes it's time reaching it's point but when it does, the storytelling is superbly vast.  The boy frustrates with each smart move he makes, he makes two more dumb ones but that's sort of the point, so stick with it.
With it's stunning visuals, pleasing musical score and glimpse into a world Western culture rarely ever lays eyes upon, makes this a film worth visiting at least once.

3 iron donkeys out of 5

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