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Thursday, 10 March 2016


The Brand New Testament

Director Jaco Von Dormael brings us this delightfully bitter-sweet black comedy, Le Tout Nouveau Testament, about Jesus Christ's kid sister who's finally had enough of their prick of  a father and decides to leave home and find 6 fucked-up apostles of her own.
Graced with some beautiful, occasionally quite dreary, imagery the film conjures up some ideas that would normally be too far-fetched to believe but for some reason it works really well here.  Even while teaching us a thing or two about ourselves, the story never gets too preachy or takes itself so serious that it won't even turn off even the most cynical of bastards.  There's nothing here that attempts to cause any major controversy, it just harmlessly wants to us to look at things in a different way and should you be open to it, you'll be surprised with it's imagination, off-beat humor and quirks aplenty.  

4 days left to live out of 5

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