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Friday, 18 March 2016


Writer/director Jason Krawczyk graces us with an offbeat gruesome revenge flick starring Henry Rollins: the darkly comedic He Never Died.
It follows a withdrawn social outcast, recovering from a taste for human flesh, that goes on a violent rampage when a group of local thugs kidnap his estranged teenage daughter.
Rollins is easily the highlight of the film with his deadpan delivery that is frightening, hilarious and just plain weird.  It brings such a fascinating character to the screen but unfortunately doesn't give him much of an interesting story to go with.  At times it feels as if the film wants to be weirder than it goes but is afraid to go too far and loses most of it's steam.  However, it's a damn fine entertaining ride that I feel could have been a lot better if it just let loose a little more.

3 bingo nights out of 5

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