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Monday, 4 April 2016

GROOVE [2000]

Writer/director Greg Harrison's debut Groove is a fast-paced love letter to the underground rave culture that exploded around the turn of the century.
Set on a single night at an illegal Bay Area rave, we follow a collection of separate participants, all of whom are running on different agendas, different drugs and most definitely different wavelengths.
At times it's funny, entertaining, touching and even wicked engaging but it never really gets too deep or explores the darker side of the subculture, making it all seem like one big ol' party of excellent euphoria.  The lighting and camera-work is incredibly impressive, considering the tight budget and a crew that are almost all new to the craft of film-making.
If you're looking to see these kids face the consequences of their reckless actions then you're in the wrong place...this is played for fun and fun only.

3 well-informed, successful drug-users out of 5

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