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Thursday, 14 April 2016


Director Jason Zada makes his feature-length debut with The Forest, a film that resembles something that should be scary but ends up falling flat on it's lifeless little face.
Natalie Dormer plays duel roles as a twin that sets out to Japan in search of her sister who went missing in the infamous Aokigahara forest, known mostly for being a popular site for an uncanny number of suicides.
It's an interesting setting (if not a wee bit insensitive to it's past) but unfortunately it doesn't do a whole to make the best of the creepy atmosphere that was handed to the film-makers on a silver platter.  There's plenty of lazy plot unfolds, sloppily written character choices and a large abundance of tired "scares" that come at all the predicted beats.
At least composer Bear McCreary's excellent end credits cue is worth sticking around for.

1 ranger station out of 5

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