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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Phenomena (1985)

Some filmmakers are so concerned with 'realism' in their fictional worlds that they neglect some of the more interesting aspects of what makes the medium unique. The marriage of moving picture and music can be equally powerful and affecting when being fanciful, and the work need never apologise for being that way. Argento clearly understands. I'd like to follow up that statement with nothing but more praise, but Phenomena has some stupid plotting that turns a beautiful film into something that feels like it failed to meet its own standards. It's an Argento that's probably best kept by fans on their shelf unless they're watching it alone or with other fans.

NOTE: the restored version (116 mins) includes scenes for which no English language audio exists, so they're presented as an Italian dub with Eng subs.

3 crazy thoughts out of 5

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